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Free Consultation

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A FREE 1 hour Complementary Consultation

If you are new, we request that you please start with this free consultation to determine where you are and what direction might be the best path for you.

Reiki Rock which represent the benefits of Reiki



Individual Meditation is a way to get in touch with the guidance that is coming your way. Many people don’t think they can meditate. However, with a little guidance everyone can understand that they can meditate. I will understand what to expect and how meditation can be beneficial for everyone.

Spiritual Mentoring


Spiritual Mentoring is the process of helping the client to find their own truth with the mentoring of a informed yet unbiased person. I don’t tell you what to believe but rather help you find what your intuition and guides are suggesting for you. Your path is your path.



$40.00 - 30 Minutes $20.00 - 15 Minutes

Akasha is known by many names including Akashic Records, Book of Remembrance, Book of Life, and many more. The Records are a record of all word, thought, action, and feeling your Soul has ever experienced. These are stored in what a person might call an Energetic Data Base throughout the cosmos.


Reiki Rock which represent the benefits of Reiki

Group Meditation


2 or more people that want Meditation at the same time. Cost is per person.

Full Standard Reiki


Reiki is the laying of hands on a client. The client draws the energy that they need and the practitioner channels said energy. There are several Reiki services to choose from.